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December 19th, 2019    

Romance with Kayla Dawn Thomas

Good Adventures, 

I'm so excited to finally chat with Kayla about her books, if you like romance, check out her work. You won't be disappointed. 

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The Collection - a five book bundle.

Kayla Dawn Thomas on Amazon

What do I write? Thanks for asking. 

I'll see you next time, go read a good book.


December 12th, 2019    

Christmas Books Revisited. An Orangutan’s Night Before Christmas and the Horror Novella The Lights

Good Adventures,

I revisit my chats with Laura Boldin-Fournier - she wrote the delightful children's book, An Orangutan's Night Before Christmas, and Carrie Pack who features children in her horror story, The Lights. I ended up going to the tree lightening that she talked about in her story and I spent the whole time keeping an eye on all the kids, thinking, it could happen....

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An Orangutan's Night Before Christmas

The Lights

Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journals

That's it for now. Go read a good book!


December 5th, 2019    

How to Sex Your Snake Ch 7 from the Audiobook

Good Adventures,

If you haven't listened to Chs 1-6 yet, you'll find them here: 

Ep 28 Chs 1 & 2

Ep 43 Chs 3 & 4

Ep 9 Ch 5

Get the Audiobook for How to Sex Your Snake here.

Check out John D Patten's Miami Burn. It's now out on audiobook!

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Until next time, go read a good book.



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