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January 8th, 2022    

Favorite Kindle Vellas, paperbacks and audiobooks of 2021 with Kitty Gulick

Good Adventures,

Kitty Gulick joins me for a wrap up of our favorite reads of 2021. Comment over on the youtube channel. 

Kitty's list of Vellas: 

The Selfie of Cala Ivory by Mae MacCallum (

Millicent Miggles, the Yuletide Witch by Azrielle Lawless (

Chew by Naomi Ault (

The Fox Argall Mysteries by Collings MacCrae. (

Briardark by SA Harian (

Club X: Vampire in the Closet by Somtow Sucharitkul (

Space Slave by vella Kayla Knue (

Under My Umbrella: A Mill Creek Romance by Erica Him (

Ellie Sandoval’s Carnal Sanctuary Universe (

Dinos of the Old West ( by Jonathon Mast and Nathaniel J

Peters Kingdom of Links by Sarah Shipley (

The Last Sunrise by Martin Shannon (

The Selfie of Carla Ivory by Mae MacCallum

And Kitty's Vella


Melissa's list of paperback/audio:

5000 Words per hour by Chris Fox

Newsletter Ninja 2 - by Tammy Labrecque

Fast-Draft Your Memoir by Rachael Herron

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Smoke and Magic Series by AE McKenna

Last Smile in Sunder City by Luke Arnold

Rusted Wasteland Series by Cameron Coral

Post Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors by

Once Upon a River by Diane Setterfield

Melissa's Vellas:

Amy of Earth

4 Bullets and a Ghost

And that's it! See you next time.

Go read a good book!


January 1st, 2022    

Exterminators, Vanishing Birds, and Vella - More Writing Prompts

Good Adventures,

Happy New Year! I'm so happy to be back with two Kindle Vella authors for a writing prompt show. Sadly, we're without my co-author Lisa Mahoney, we missed you Lisa.

Comment over on our Youtube channel


Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Series

Gage Greenwood:

Winter's Myths 

Gage's other books on Amazon

Gage on Youtube 

Collings MacCrae:

Ruin of the Watcher on Vella 

Sweater Case and The Reluctant Whistleblower (cases 2 and 3)  Collings MacCrae on instagram @collings_Maccrae

Melissa Banczak on Vella: 4 Bullets and A Ghost

As Kelli Wieland, Amy of Earth:  

How to Sex Your Snake and the June Nash Mysteries 

Amazon Kindle Vella -  

That's it for now. See you next time, go read (or write) a good book!


November 4th, 2021    

Kindle Vella Ruin of the Watcher with Collings MacCrae

Good Adventures,

I'm chatting with Collings MacCrae about her Kindle Vella serials, The Ruin of the Watcher, and The Sweater Case.

Comment over on our Youtube channel. 


Ruin of the Watcher

The Sweater Case

You can chat with Collings MacCrae on:

Twitter @ collingsmaccrae

Instagram @collings_maccrae

Kindle Vella on Amazon


What do I write? Thanks for asking. My June Nash series in now in KU. First in the series is How to Sex Your snake.  

I also have two Vellas - 4 Bullets and a Ghost - a PI's mentor rejoins the firm three days after his death.

And under my pen name, Kelli Wieland, Amy of Earth an epic fantasy. Amy falls through a portal to a magical world full of mythological creatures. And no humans. 


And that's it for 2021. Stay tuned. We'll be back in January with new shows. Until then, go read, or write, a good book. 


October 14th, 2021    

Genesis Machine - A UFO Conspiracy Vella Interview with KJ Gillenwater

Good Adventures,

If you're a fan of shows like the X files, Manifest, and Lost, you will love the new serial Vella story Genesis Machine. Meet the author and then go read!

Comment over on our Youtube channel. 


The Genesis Machine

Learn more at her website 

On the Kindle app, token start at 1.99 for 140 but on Amazon desktop, they start at 1.99 for 200.


What do I write? Thanks for asking. You'll find my mystery Vella, 4 Bullets and a Ghost here.  

And my fantasy Vella, Amy of Earth as Kelli Wieland here.

 See you next week. Until then, go read a good book.


September 30th, 2021    

Smoke and Magic - Death Rite Genie with Author AE McKenna

Good Adventures,

I'm back from my summer hiatus. Which I forgot to tell anyone about. Ah well.

On this show this week, AE McKenna returns to chat about being part of the Amazon beta for hard cover books. You'll want to stick around for the whole show to hear how you could win a signed hard back cover of the second book in her Smoke and Magic Series.

Comment over on our youtube channel. 

The cut off date, which I forgot to mention will be Oct 14 at 11:59 EST. See a pattern here? Without notes, I completely fail at life.


Facebook ,  Twitter ,  Instagram , Amazon , Bookbub  

Listen to Amy's wonderful story from one of our Roll-A-Prompt Writing shows


What do I write? Thanks for asking. If you like cozy novels, start with How to Sex Your Snake  

Do you read on the new Kindle Vella? You'll want 4 Bullets and a Ghost.

Never heard of Vella? It's from Amazon. They gives you the first 3 of each serial for free and then 200 additional free tokens to buy more episodes. Read on Amazon or Kindle iphone or ipad app.

That's it for now. Go read a good book.


June 10th, 2021    

The Way of the Saints - Elizabeth Engelman discusses her award winning novel that follows 3 generations of Puerto Rican Woman

Good Adventures,

I'm so excited to introduce you to author Elizabeth Engelman. Her novel, The Way of the Saints is one of the best I've read this year and won the Nilson prize for a first novel. I see many more awards in the book's future. 

If you'd like to comment on today's show, head on over to our YouTube channel. 

Pre-order The Way of the Saints now -

It will be out September 2021

You can also support your local book store by ordering from them directly or through

If you only shop on Amazon, you'll find the book here:

That's it for now. See you next time. Go read a good book. 



May 27th, 2021    

A Feverish Cyclops and a Magic Carpet - It’s Writing Prompt Time!

Good Adventures,

I'm so excited - it's writing prompt time. Today, I'm joined by my Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Series co-author Lisa Mahoney and our good friend space opera author A.L. Bruno. We roll dice, write, and read, cutting out all that boring stuff while we write.

Comment over on our Youtube channel. 


A new favorite singer/songerwriter is Jay Ingram. Check him his album on itunes.

Want your own copy of a Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal? You'll find them on Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Amazon.

 A.L Bruno's Space Opera Novel Stars Forever Black.  He was on ep 101 of the show and you can hear him read a section.

If you are going to be near the Orlando area come see Lisa and I at the Orlando Books Reads con the last weekend of August. It's free to attend the book signing on Aug 28, 2021 from 3-6 pm eastern.  

And that's it. I'll see you next time. Go read a good book.


May 20th, 2021    

Space Opera Author A.L. Bruno Chats Stars Forever Black

Good Adventures,

This week I'm chatting with frequent guest Tony Bruno. You know him from many of our Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Shows. Today, we're chatting about his new space opera novel, Stars Forever Black. And he reads! 

Comment over on our Youtube Channel. 


Stars Forever Black

Tony's Website

That's it for now. Until next time, go read a good book. 


May 13th, 2021    

Book Cover Designer Mariah Sinclair talks Cozy Covers & the new Vella

Good Adventures, 

I'm so excited to welcome back my sometimes co-host Terri M. Collica. We're chatting with cover designer Mariah Sinclair today. Lots of great info for cozy mystery authors. Including what you need for the new Amazon episodic serial service Vella. 

Comment over on our Youtube channel. 



What do Terri and I write? Thanks for asking. 

Terri pens the Sunny McBain YA Mystery Series. Fuzzy Visions and Family Visions.

I write the June Nash Mysteries - How to Sex Your Snake, How to Square Your Grouper, How to Launch Your Lizard.

That's it for now. Until next time, go read a good book.


May 6th, 2021    

Time Travel with Author Shelly Snow Pordea

Good Adventures,

I'm excited to chat with author Shelly Snow Pordea about her time travel series, surviving a cult, and her work as a coach and ghost writer. 

Comment over on our Youtube page. 


Shelly's website; (love the pictures)


What do I write? Thanks for asking. You'll find my June Nash Cozy series, about a reluctant adventurer here, starting with How to Sex Your Snake.

See you next time. Go read a good book.


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