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January 2nd, 2020    

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Photos plus Xmas Story

Good Adventures and Happy New Year! 

No interview this week but I have a super short xmas story plus photos from the new ride at Disneyworld's Star Wars land - Rise of the Resistance. If you want to actually see the photos, head over to the youtube version. You might also like Ep 41. I shared photos from the opening day of Star Wars Land In Hollywood Studio. Same thing. Youtube version. 


Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journals plus my other books

See you next time. Go read a good book. 

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December 19th, 2019    

Romance with Kayla Dawn Thomas

Good Adventures,

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I'm so excited to finally chat with Kayla about her books, if you like romance, check out her work. You won't be disappointed. 


The Collection - a five book bundle.

Kayla Dawn Thomas on Amazon

What do I write? Thanks for asking. 

I'll see you next time, go read a good book.


December 12th, 2019    

Christmas Books Revisited. An Orangutan’s Night Before Christmas and the Horror Novella The Lights

Good Adventures,

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I revisit my chats with Laura Boldin-Fournier - she wrote the delightful children's book, An Orangutan's Night Before Christmas, and Carrie Pack who features children in her horror story, The Lights. I ended up going to the tree lightening that she talked about in her story and I spent the whole time keeping an eye on all the kids, thinking, it could happen....

An Orangutan's Night Before Christmas

The Lights

Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journals

That's it for now. Go read a good book!


December 5th, 2019    

How to Sex Your Snake Ch 7 from the Audiobook

Good Adventures,

If you haven't listened to Chs 1-6 yet, you'll find them here: 

Ep 28 Chs 1 & 2

Ep 43 Chs 3 & 4

Ep 9 Ch 5

Get the Audiobook for How to Sex Your Snake here.

Check out John D Patten's Miami Burn. It's now out on audiobook!

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Until next time, go read a good book.


November 21st, 2019    

Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journals

Good Adventures,

Writers, is your imagination stuck? Tired of staring at a blank page? Looking for a new way into your stories? You're in luck! Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journals, which I co-authored are the topic today. Sets of elements plus the roll of a dice = more than 6000 writing prompts per book.6 in all. 5 genres, plus a mashup. Three authors have bravely joined us today. They'll each roll for a prompt from the same set of elements and then write while Lisa and I chat about the books. At the end, you'll get to hear what they came up with. Comment here

And you can join in the fun. Below, I've included the set of elements we used. Give it a try and let us know what you think.
Melissa & Lisa


Roll-A-Prompt books on Amazon
(On other retailers soon)

My co-author Lisa Mahoney

Our guest writers:

Crys Cain's website.

Kayla Dawn Thomas's website.

Kayla's books on Amazon

Terri Collica's website

Terri's Sunny McBain series 

Today's set of elements. Grab a six sided dice and play along:

Roll 1 number
Even = MC is alone
Odd = Roll again for a companion

  1. Birthday party clown

  2. Tree trimmer

  3. Ambassador

  4. Fishmonger

  5. Gatekeeper in purgatory

  6. Romance novel writer

F the MC is alone, add an object
Roll 1 Number

  1. Hard boiled egg

  2. Cowbell

  3. Mirror

  4. Stuffed hedgehog

  5. Oxygen tank

  6. Nose-ring

Roll 1 number

  1. Called for jury duty

  2. Abandoned cart at the supermarket

  3. Screams echo through the ship

  4. Lost in a passageway

  5. Unmanned horse and buggy

  6. Dog is found in a tree house 

November 7th, 2019    

Fantasy Suspense and Romance with Linda Poitevin

Good Adventures,

This week, I'm chatting with one of my favorite authors. Romance. Fantasy suspense, giant dogs, and husbands that won't retire.

Links: (romance website) (urban fantasy website)

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Even if you don't read either genre, you need to follow Linda on facebook just for her photos of itty bitty and giant dog. But seriously. She's great. Read her books. 

What do I write? Thanks for asking.

A pool of blood. A missing body. A famous brother accused of murder. June Nash has the worst luck. Grab your copy of How to Sex Your Snake today.


And as I always say on the show, let me know what you're reading! My kindle is almost bare.

See you next time. Go read a good book.


October 30th, 2019    

Miami Burn - Noir with author John D. Patten

Good adventures,

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This week I had a blast chatting with Noir author John D. Patten about his pulp detective series. Gritty bad guys. Gritty good guys. Off the charts action. 


Find John on his website

Read John's books - they're currently in Kindle Unlimited. (Oct 2019)


What do I write? Thanks for asking.

A pool of blood. A missing body. A famous brother accused of murder. June Nash has the worst luck. Grab your copy of How to Sex Your Snake today.

That’s it for this week. Go read a good book,


October 17th, 2019    

Classic mystery & modern cyber intrigue with Tom Fowler

Good Adventures,

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This week on the show, I chat with Tom Fowler author of the CT Ferguson Mystery series. Classic mystery with modern cyber intrigue.

Is almost Halloween, which means Christmas is just around the corner. What's everybody asking Santa for this year? I'd love for one of the elves to find the mouse that keeps chewing up the seats in my car. I park in the driveway so I figure the little devil smelled the BBQ sauce packets my kid left under a seat. Many glue traps (useless) snap traps (I was the only one tripping them) and a bug bomb later, it might be gone. I hope. We'll see tomorrow.

Links for this weeks show:

Tom Fowler's books on Amazon

Get a free prequel when you join Tom's mailing list

That's it for this week. I'll be back soon with some news on the next June Nash Misadventure. Plus a new non fiction project. See you soon, go read a good book.


October 10th, 2019    

Suspense with Lori Flynn

Good Adventures,

Last week, I thought I'd be turning in a new manuscript, How to Square Your Grouper, to my editor by this past Monday but.....I realized I'm not quite done messing with June. The manuscript is getting closer every day and I know it will go to Lisa sometime in the next ten or so days.

On Books Cubed this week, I'm chatting with suspense author Lori Flynn about her new book, I love You to Pieces plus book recommendations.

The Unknown Devil by Tom Fowler 

Bed, Breakfast, and Bones by Carolyn L. Dean 


What do I write? Thanks for asking.

Get the free prequel to my June Nash Misadventure series and find to why a monkey was wearing June’s bra.

Or dive right in and get the full length novel, How to Sex Your Snake. A pool of blood, a missing body, a famous brother accused of murder. June Nash has the worst luck.

That’s it for this week. Go read a good book,



October 2nd, 2019    

How to Sex Your Snake - Audio Book Chs 3 and 4

Good Adventures, 

This week, I'm finishing up the next book in the June Nash MisAdventure Series. If you're not caught up, you still have time to read or listen to the book one, How to Sex Your Snake. To whet your appetite, I'm sharing chs 3 and 4 from the audiobook. Go back to Ep 28 for chs 1 and 2. 


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The Forest by Julia Blake 

Sins of the Angel by Lydia M Hawke (not Hawkes like I said in the show!) 

How to Sex Your Snake by Melissa Banczak

See you next time. Go read a good book. 



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