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August 22nd, 2019    

Richie Narvaez and Hipster Death Rattle

Good Adventures,

A gritty New York summer, a killer with a machete, Hipsters who need to die. This week, I'm chatting with Richie Narvaez about his critically acclaimed debut novel Hipster Death Rattle. I walked into a lot of walls reading this one. You'll love it too.

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Richie's website and links to the book


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That's it for this week, go read a good book!


August 8th, 2019    

Small Town Romance with Merri Maywether Pt 2

Good Adventures,

This week, I finish my chat with Merri Maywether. What's it like to live in a town without a stop light? What do the people in town think about being characters in her books? It's all in this week's show. 

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You'll find Merri at her website:

My blog about Key West:

The posts about Fantasy Fest contain NSFW photos. 

I'll see you next week, go read a good book.



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