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February 27th, 2020    

Favorite Podcasts - Disneyworld & Murder. Just not together.

Good Adventures,


Podcasts! I'm joined by my co-author Lisa Mahoney and we're talking our favorite podcasts. She's into murder and I'm into the mouse. 

What are your favorites? What else should we be listening to? Comment over on our YouTube channel. 


Mouse and More

Disney History Institute

Connecting with Walt

My Favorite Murder

The Murder Squad

I said No Gifts

Are you a writer who loves prompts? Check out our Roll-A-Prompt series. (also on Barnes and Noble and Kobo if you hate the River) 

That's it! See you next time. Go read a good book. 


February 20th, 2020    

Epilepsy Advocacy with Meghan Kennedy

Good Adventures,

This week, I'm chatting with Meghan Kennedy about the new book, Visions: The Inspirational Journeys of Epilepsy Advocates. For a limited time, it's 30% off through Oxford Press. Use the promo code: AMPROMD9. 

If you have an inspirational story of your own that you'd like to share, comment over on our YouTube channel. 


What do I write? Thanks for asking. You'll find my cozy series here. And my non fiction writing prompt here

That's it for this week. See you next time. Go read a good book.


February 13th, 2020    

Confidence: Diary of an Invisible Girl with YA author Paige Lavoie

Good Adventures,

I'm back after a couple of months of that junky cough. Today, I'm chatting with YA author Paige Lavoie. Books, comics, Star Wars, lots of great stuff. Comment over on our YouTube channel. 

For more on Paige, click here. 

To buy her books, click here

For more on me and what I write, click here

See you next time, go read a good book.



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