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May 28th, 2020    

Romantic Suspense with Nicolette Pierce

Good Adventures,

This week is a fun one with Nicolette Pierce. We talk Cozies in Las Vegas and camel poop. You can comment over on our YouTube channel. 



What do I write? Thanks for asking! How to Square Your Grouper is my latest June Nash Mystery. 

See you next time. Go read a good book. 


May 21st, 2020    

Reader expectations - YA, Fantasy, Thriller, and Cozy. 4 author roundtable

(Yes! The Shining took place during the winter. I do know that!)

Good Adventures,

This week, I'm joined by fantasy author JR Pearse Nelson, YA author Terri M Collica, and soon to be published thriller author Dr. Will Pepper. (the other doctor pepper) We talk reader expectations. How we handle what's expected versus what we want to write.

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JR Pearse Nelson:

J.R.'s website:

J.R. Pearse Nelson @

Instagram @jrpearsenelson

Terri M Collica:

Will Pepper:

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What do I write? Thanks for asking. My latest book, How to Square Your Grouper is out. You'll find the series on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and kobo

See you next time. Go read a good book.



May 14th, 2020    

3 Authors roll dice for a prompt, then cut and come back to read the short stories they wrote.

Good Adventures,

This week we're playing in the Roll-A-Prompt series again. This time, I'm joined by my co-author Lisa and our friend Kristina. I picked a random set of elements from the Genre Mashup Edition, we cut to write (so you don't have to be bored while no one is talking) then come back and read. It was lots of fun. If you'd like to play along, the prompt is below. Grab some dice, roll for your elements, and write. Want to share? Comment on our YouTube channel. 

The prompt we use today is from our Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Genre Mashup Edition


Roll 1 number 

Even = MC is alone

Odd = Roll again for a companion 

  1. Stand-up comedian
  2. Delivery driver
  3. First officer
  4. Masked horse rider
  5. Phoenix
  6. Welder

IF the MC is alone, add an object

Roll 1 Number

  1. Roll of pennies
  2. Embroidered slippers
  3. Drone
  4. Wedding ring
  5. Bag of dirt
  6. Syringe


Roll 1 number 

  1. Getting fit for a spacesuit
  2. Boss dies in the middle of a job interview
  3. Car stalls in the fast food drive-thru
  4. Light never turns off
  5. Probe is discovered drifting in space
  6. Is there a troll under that bridge?

Now write and have fun! If you want to share. Comment here

See you next time. Good a good book. 


PS My latest is How to Square Your Grouper. 

May 7th, 2020    

Ghosts, a Serial Killer, The Dead Man’s Detective - Lori Drake Reads from Ghost Magnet

Good Adventures,

Ghosts, a grisly murder, a serial killer and the dead man’s detective. 

Lori Drake reads from her new novel, Ghost Magnet, a between the books standalone in her Grant Wolves Series. 

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Ghost Magnet

Grant Wolves Series

Undead Tales: 15 Thrilling Zombie Stories

Lori's other appearances on Books Cubed

Ep 11 Grant Wolves

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What do I write? Thanks for asking. You'll find my books on Amazon including my latest, How to Square Your Grouper.

See you next time. Go read a good book,



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