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April 22nd, 2021    

Running A vulnerable 10K with a Ballroom Dancer - It’s Writing Prompt Time!

Good Adventures,

This week, Lisa Mahoney and I are joined by our friend Kristina for a Roll-W-Prompt Writing show. 

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Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Series on Amazon, B & N, and Kobo. 

That's it for now. Go read a good book. 



April 15th, 2021    

Sacred Sexual Healing with mystic, muse and mentor kamala Devi McClure

Good Adventures,

This week, I have an enlightening chat with mystic, muse, and mentor Kamala Devi McClure. They’ve starred on Showtime’s reality TV series, Polyamory: Married & Dating, and been featured on Dr. Drew, Tyra Banks, and the award-winning documentary, Sex Magic. 

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That's it for this now. Go read a good book,



April 8th, 2021    

Ninjas & Wrestlers & Giants, Oh My! Today I’m reading the first chapter of How to Launch Your Lizard


Good Adventures,

Today, I'm reading ch 1 of my new novel, How to Sex Your Snake.

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Ninjas & Wrestlers & Giants, oh my!

June’s life is in limbo. Since being the personal assistant to her twin brother does not include helping wrangle his lizards up on the International Space Station—thank God—she’s got free time on her hands. Which for her, usually means trouble. But not this time. Nope, she’s just going to relax, avoid any sort of publicity, steer clear of her brother's nutty fans The Dewzers, and just hang out with Morgan. Except he's on his first case as a private eye and he needs to make one little stop. Where June's attacked by a ninja.

Well that escalated quickly.

When clues lead her and Morgan to wrestlers who impersonate the Nash twins, it becomes personal. Big June and the Bugs? Puh-leaze.

Now she’s cape deep in the world of semi-professional wrestling. And as Morgan works his way through this first case, June realizes he's in over his head and she's about to end up down for the count. Permanently!

You'll find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play

And Nora's Saga over at Allegiance

That's it for now. I'll see you next time, go read a good book, Melissa

April 1st, 2021    

Lawyers, She stories, and the Big Bang Theory with author Author Piper Punches

Good Adventures,

This week I'm talking to author Piper Punches. She reads from The Murder Lawyer and you don't want to miss this.

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Socials: @piperpunches (FB, IG, Twitter, Goodreads, Medium, Pinterest)

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What do I write? Thanks for asking. How to Sex Your Snake is the first novel in the June Nash Mysteries and If you're a writer, check out the Roll-A-Prompt Writing Series, I co-author.

That's it for now. See you next time. Go read a good book,



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