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September 24th, 2020    

A Journey in Radical Self-love with Best Selling Author Andy Chaleff

Good Adventures,

This week we are diving into self-love and last letters to loved ones, with Andy Chaleff. His latest book, The Wounded Healer, is a beautiful three month journey across the United States. Sad, funny, and weird, it's a journey I highly recommend.

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Links: Andy's website (One of the better websites I've seen)

Andy's podcast: A Wonderful Chaos  

The writing prompt episodes we refer to are numbers 77 and 74


What do I write? Thanks for asking. My fiction: Cozy mystery with a greyhound, an arch nemesis, and the world's most reluctant adventurer. My Non Fiction: Roll dice and unleash your inner creativity with the Roll-A- Prompt Writing Journal Series.

That's it for now. I'll see you next time. Go read a good book!


September 17th, 2020    

Fishnet Stockings & Experience Points. It’s Writing Prompt Time Again!

Good Adventures,

We're writing this week! 4 fun, super short stories created with the roll of the dice. Our prompt - A college student. A bonfire. Neurotic. See that episode title above, that's a hint of what we ended up with. 

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Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Series on Amazon. Barnes & Noble. Kobo

Tim Kaiver 

And that's it for this week. Go read a good book!



September 10th, 2020    

Award Winning Horror Author Carter Wilson - “I don’t write series because I want to kill anyone at anytime.”

Good Adventures, 

You're gonna love this week's show. I'm chatting with horror author Carter Wilson. His recent award winning book, The Dead Girl in 2A is on my must read/listen list. Check out his website and join his newsletter. You'll thank me later. 

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That's it for now. Go read a good book.


p.s. What do I write? Thanks for asking. Gifts from strangers are never good. Especially when they’re big bundles of drugs. How to Square Your Grouper, the latest June Nash Mystery is out now. 



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