A Journey in Radical Self-love with Best Selling Author Andy Chaleff

Good Adventures,

This week we are diving into self-love and last letters to loved ones, with Andy Chaleff. His latest book, The Wounded Healer, is a beautiful three month journey across the United States. Sad, funny, and weird, it's a journey I highly recommend.

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Links: Andy's website (One of the better websites I've seen)

Andy's podcast: A Wonderful Chaos  

The writing prompt episodes we refer to are numbers 77 and 74


What do I write? Thanks for asking. My fiction: Cozy mystery with a greyhound, an arch nemesis, and the world's most reluctant adventurer. My Non Fiction: Roll dice and unleash your inner creativity with the Roll-A- Prompt Writing Journal Series.

That's it for now. I'll see you next time. Go read a good book!


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