Exterminators, Vanishing Birds, and Vella - More Writing Prompts

Good Adventures,

Happy New Year! I'm so happy to be back with two Kindle Vella authors for a writing prompt show. Sadly, we're without my co-author Lisa Mahoney, we missed you Lisa.

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Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Series

Gage Greenwood:

Winter's Myths 

Gage's other books on Amazon

Gage on Youtube 

Collings MacCrae:

Ruin of the Watcher on Vella 

Sweater Case and The Reluctant Whistleblower (cases 2 and 3)  Collings MacCrae on instagram @collings_Maccrae

Melissa Banczak on Vella: 4 Bullets and A Ghost

As Kelli Wieland, Amy of Earth:  

How to Sex Your Snake and the June Nash Mysteries 

Amazon Kindle Vella -  

That's it for now. See you next time, go read (or write) a good book!


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