Kindle Vella Ruin of the Watcher with Collings MacCrae

Good Adventures,

I'm chatting with Collings MacCrae about her Kindle Vella serials, The Ruin of the Watcher, and The Sweater Case.

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Ruin of the Watcher

The Sweater Case

You can chat with Collings MacCrae on:

Twitter @ collingsmaccrae

Instagram @collings_maccrae

Kindle Vella on Amazon


What do I write? Thanks for asking. My June Nash series in now in KU. First in the series is How to Sex Your snake.  

I also have two Vellas - 4 Bullets and a Ghost - a PI's mentor rejoins the firm three days after his death.

And under my pen name, Kelli Wieland, Amy of Earth an epic fantasy. Amy falls through a portal to a magical world full of mythological creatures. And no humans. 


And that's it for 2021. Stay tuned. We'll be back in January with new shows. Until then, go read, or write, a good book. 


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