Screams, Hedgehogs, and Oxygen tanks! It’s writing prompt time again.

Good Adventures,

I'm joined this week by my co-author Lisa Mahoney and our guest, Will Pepper, for another writing prompt show. Will picked the genre mashup edition of our Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Series. Don't worry, I cut out the actual writing so it's just the good stuff. You'll find the prompt options we rolled for today down below. 

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Will Pepper:

You can follow Will on Twitter @WAPepperWrites, on Facebook at,  and his (and his wife’s) company Hustle Valley Press, LLC (or, as we call it, The Hustle) at Please follow them for the details about their upcoming short where all the author’s profits go to charity!

Listen for a chance to win an ecopy of Steel Guardians.

Prompts used today:

Will had: 

Romance Novel Writer

Oxygen tank

Screams Echo Through a Ship

Lisa had: 

Tree Trimmer

Stuffed Hedgehog

Called for Jury Duty

Melissa had:


Romance Novel Writer

Screams Echo Through a Ship


And that's it for this week. Go read a good book. 


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